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If time is a concern, you can always help by sponsoring a child.

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Kupenda actively pursues collaboration with colleagues to expand the reach and impact of our work. Please support us in linking to professionals and organizations for the following:

We would like to be connected to the following types of organizations:

If you are employed or volunteer in any of the following industries, we would love to hear from you.

Disability Programming
International Development
Pediatric Care
Public Health
Special Needs
Stakeholder Training
Advocacy Programming
Family-Centered Care

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Do you want to spearhead initiatives that inspire mass change? Currently, Kupenda has volunteer opportunities in both the U.S. and in Kenya. Check them out by clicking the button below.

Become A Volunteer

Communications Tasks: Support Kupenda in developing and distributing newsletters, marketing content, success stories, child sponsorship packets, etc.

College Internships: For students interested in non-profit management, fundraising, grant writing, special needs education, and/or research. Start your Internship Application today.

Research Projects: For those interested in data collection around disability demographics and special needs programming.

Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya: Trips to Kenya typically involve working directly with children at a Kupenda-supported school. Volunteers are given assignments based on their skills and experience. In the past, Kupenda’s volunteers have supported special needs classes, physical therapy sessions, arts and crafts projects, medical assessments and recreational activities with the children.

Please complete the form below or email us at [email protected]. You may also call us at (978)-626-1625 to find out or more about contributing your time and talents.

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Host an Event

Hosting a fundraising party, dinner, concert, bake sale, silent auction, talent show, or wine tasting are all fun ways to bring people together to learn about Kupenda’s work and impact.

Host an Event

The more people who are interested and involved in Kupenda’s work, the bigger the difference we can make in helping children with disability access the care they need and live full, healthy lives.

We have lots of experience with event hosting and can provide you with materials, videos and activity ideas and templates. We’d also be happy to come speak at your event and share our story and those of the children we serve.

To learn more about hosting an event for Kupenda, email us at [email protected] or call us at (978) 626-1625.

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Host an Event

Run, Bike, or Hike for Kupenda

Taking part in an athletic event is an amazing personal challenge and can increase awareness of Kupenda’s work and raise invaluable support for the children we serve.

Fitness and FUN for A Cause

Over the years, our supporters have run marathons, biked across America and even hiked hiked Mount Kilimanjaro to raise support for Kupenda!

We can support your event by promoting it on our social media sites, collecting donation on our website, speaking at your fundraising event and providing media coverage during and after the event.

To learn more about joining an athletic event for Kupenda, complete the form or email us at [email protected]. You may also CALL us at (978)-626-1625.

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Fitness for A Cause