Care & Treatment
Child with cast

When a child with a disability needs medical attention, they are often brought to Kupenda’s office or resource center where our staff makes arrangements for them to access treatment. This includes facilitation of doctors’ visits, medical assessments, surgeries, medicine, and follow-up visits. Kupenda also supports families facing financial barriers to care by working with health care professionals to reduced or waive medical fees and by using our monthly medical fund for children in need of urgent or immediate care.

Kupenda’s medical fund has also been used to pay for:

  • Wheel chairs and special seats
  • Visits from local doctors, therapists, and other specialists
  • Food for impoverished families impacted by disability
  • Medication
  • Shunting services
  • Corrective surgeries
  • Emergency transportation


A Lighthouse to Help Us See

Light House helped us fund cataract surgery for a child from Gede Special School.

Healing Jackson

Jackson Lenox has hydrocephalus and other facial deformities including a growth on his nose. Kupenda worked with Kijabe Hospital and Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (ADPK) to remove the tumor and provide a shunt to remove the fluid.

The Real Rehema

Rehema is deaf and has a heart condition so she benefits from the regular medicine supplied through this fund.