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Incorrect spiritual and cultural beliefs about disability often pose greater challenges for children with disabilities than their physical limitations. In the areas we work, many people do not expect children with disabilities to be productive members of society and some view them as cursed by witchcraft or God, which often results in their neglect, abandonment or even murder.

When we facilitate discussions about disability, participants often develop a more accurate understanding of the causes of disability and the issues impacting children with disabilities. Many of these participants then work to teach others what they have learned and provide innovative strategies to make their communities more inclusive.

Kupenda’s advocacy discussions and events have helped thousands of children with disabilities access the nutrition, education, medical care, and legal rights they deserve. Children who are healthy and fully included in all aspects of their communities also become a source of advocacy – they show others what is possible with the appropriate support and adequate resources.


Educating families and communities about the rights of children with disabilities and how to support them by advocating for their medical care, education, legal rights, and inclusion in all aspects of society.

Children with disabilities have the right to education without discrimination. Nevertheless, many remain excluded from equal access to schooling. This means they also miss out on many of the benefits that follow, including better jobs, social and economic security, and opportunities for full participation in society.

Kupenda works with parents, leaders and communities to support children with disabilities in accessing high-quality education, tailored to their unique physical and learning needs. In addition to their personal gains, children with disabilities who succeed academically show their peers and communities what is possible when they have access to the education they need deserve.


Supporting children with disabilities to access appropriate, high-quality education while supporting the staff and infrastructure of their schools.

Kupenda helps children with disabilities access the medical care, equipment and supplies they need to reach optimal health and wellness. We work to ensure these medical services are high-quality, consistent, timely and tailored to the child’s unique needs. As part of this process, we also help families impacted by disability access caregiver training, transportation to facilities, and nutritional support.

Each year, Kupenda’s advocacy efforts inspire more local leaders and organizations to take responsibility for funding and delivering medical care to children with disabilities in their communities. In recent years, the success of these local empowerment efforts has allowed Kupenda to shift more of our time and funding away from direct service delivery and more on advocacy for long-term, community-led solutions.


Connecting children with disabilities to appropriate medical services including surgeries, medications, and therapy.