There are 580 million children with disabilities and 80% live in developing nations. Most of these children are neglected, abused and excluded from community life.

Each year, Kupenda trains thousands of families, youth, and leaders as disability advocates who help 40,000 children with disabilities access the education, medical care and inclusion they deserve.

Advocacy Programs

Educating families and communities about the rights of children with disabilities and how to support them by advocating for their medical care, education, legal rights, and inclusion in all aspects of society


Education Programs

Supporting children with disabilities to access appropriate, high-quality education while supporting the staff and infrastructure of their schools.

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Medical Programs

Connecting children with disabilities to appropriate medical services including surgeries, medications, and therapy.

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We don’t ship supplies overseas

We support the local economy by sourcing supplies within the countries we work.

We don’t exclude

As a Christian organization, we strive to be like Jesus, and so we serve all people, no matter their religion or beliefs.

We don’t fundraise alone

Our Kenyan partners raise 10-30% of our program costs each year through local fundraisers and campaigns.

We don’t lead alone

Our partner organization in Kenya is run by local professionals who tailor programs and service delivery for their culture, in their language and according to existing needs and realities.

We don’t lecture

Our training and events are designed around discussions and exercises that allow participants to learn from one other and craft time-bound plans that are tailored to their local context and driven by their personal conviction.

Interested in making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities?

You can do so by sponsoring a child today.

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Kupenda actively pursues collaboration with colleagues to expand the reach and impact of our work. Please support us in linking to professionals and organizations for the following fields:

Please support us in linking to professionals and organizations involved in any of the following areas:

Disability Programming
International Development
Pediatric Care
Public Health
Special Needs
Stakeholder Training
Advocacy Programming
Family-Centered Care

Contact [email protected] TODAY to learn more.

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Become A Volunteer or Intern

Do you want to spearhead initiatives that inspire mass change? Currently, Kupenda has volunteer opportunities in both the U.S. and in Kenya. Check them out by clicking the button below.

Become A Volunteer

Communications Tasks: Support Kupenda in developing and distributing newsletters, marketing content, success stories, child sponsorship packets, etc.

College Internships: For students interested in non-profit management, fundraising, grant writing, special needs education, and/or research. Start your Internship Application today.

CLICK HERE for an internship application.

Hike Mount Kilimanjaro: Join one of our disability advocacy hikes alongside children with disabilities from Kenya to show the world that “disability” is not inability.

CLICK HERE to learn about our upcoming trips.

Monitoring & Evaluation Internship in Kenya: Kupenda for the Children is currently accepting applications for up to three Program Monitoring & Evaluation Internship positions. Interns will support Kupenda in assessing the reach and impact of our Advocacy, Education and/or Medical programs. Individuals with experience in research and data analysis are encouraged to apply.

CLICK HERE to download the Monitoring & Evaluation Internship flyer.

Research Projects: For those interested in data collection around disability demographics and special needs programming.

Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya: Trips to Kenya typically involve working directly with children at a Kupenda-supported school. Volunteers are given assignments based on their skills and experience. In the past, Kupenda’s volunteers have supported special needs classes, physical therapy sessions, arts and crafts projects, medical assessments and recreational activities with the children.

CLICK HERE for a Kenya Volunteer Trip Application.

CLICK HERE for a Kenya Volunteer Trip Flyer.

Please email us at [email protected] to learn more about contributing your time and talents.

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Host an Event

Hosting a fundraising party, dinner, concert, bake sale, silent auction, talent show, or wine tasting are all fun ways to bring people together to learn about Kupenda’s work and impact.

Host an Event

The more people who are interested and involved in Kupenda’s work, the bigger the difference we can make in helping children with disability access the care they need and live full, healthy lives.

We have lots of experience with event hosting and can provide you with materials, videos and activity ideas and templates. We’d also be happy to come speak at your event and share our story and those of the children we serve.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Hosting A House Party

To learn more about hosting any type of event for Kupenda, email us at [email protected] or call us at (978) 626-1625.

Host an Event

Run, Bike, or Hike for Kupenda

Taking part in an athletic event is an amazing personal challenge and can increase awareness of Kupenda’s work and raise invaluable support for the children we serve.

Individual and Team Fitness to Raise Support for Children with Disabilities

Over the years, our supporters have run marathons, biked and hiked to raise support for Kupenda!

You can also use your fitness adventures to support children in need. Just check out our new Matching Campaign page to set up your own Individual or Team fundraising page. You can also join existing teams!

Plus, everything you raise will be DOUBLED through a generous grant from the Westwood Trustees!

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Fitness for A Cause

Be An Artist for Kupenda

Artists can support Kupenda’s children through their art. This support helps increase awareness about the injustices people with disabilities face in most developing nations and helps raise funds for our grassroots advocacy programs.

Sharing Our Art to Raise Support for Children with Disabilities

Over the years, our creative supporters have sold their artwork and hosted performances and events to raise support for Kupenda.

You can also use your creativity to support children in need. Just check out our new Matching Campaign page to set up your own Individual fundraising page. You can also start or join existing Fundraising Teams of artists!

Plus, everything you raise will be DOUBLED through a generous grant from the Westwood Trustees!

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Be An Artist

Give Through a DAF

Donor Advised Funds allow families and businesses to make tax-deductible charitable donations of cash, publicly-traded stock and in some case, certain illiquid assets.

Invite Us to Speak

We love to share the story of Kupenda and the children we’ve supported in leading full, healthy lives. These stories raise awareness about the global situation for many people living with disabilities and help generate support for the children we serve.

When we visit your group, our executive director, Cindy Bauer, will tell the story of how she founded Kupenda for the Children alongside her friends and colleagues in Kenya. She’ll talk about those we’ve helped and the work that remains and how you and your group can become involved in supporting children with disabilities. Most importantly, Cindy will listen to your story – what you feel called to and where your personal mission might align with ours. Our visits are professional, but also relaxed and informative. We encourage participants to ask questions and lead discussions on the topics that arise naturally.

To learn more about inviting Kupenda to speak at your school, book club, church, workplace or bible study, email us at [email protected] or call us at (978) 626-1625.

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