“Kupenda” means “to love” in Swahili. Not love the emotion. But to love. The verb. The action.

We love children with disabilities by standing alongside them in advocating for their right to Health, Education and Inclusion.
In countless nations, including our main field site in Kenya, many people believe that children with disabilities are cursed and unworthy of these rights. However, when local leaders have a correct perception of disability, many begin to include these children in community life and support them in accessing high-quality health and education services. We believe this locally driven action is the answer to meaningful, sustainable support for these children and long term benefits for those that come after them.


People reached through community disability awareness events
Church members educated on their responsibility to care for children with disabilities.
Parents of children with disabilities provided with resources and connected to services
Children with disabilities provided with medical care and therapy services
Children with disabilities integrated into special & mainstream schools


Educating families and communities about the rights of children with disabilities and how to support them by advocating for their medical care, education, legal rights, and inclusion in all aspects of society.

Supporting children with disabilities to access appropriate, high-quality education while supporting the staff and infrastructure of their schools.

Connecting children with disabilities to appropriate medical services including surgeries, medications, and therapy.


  • Children and youth with any long-term disabilities including physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional health issues
  • Families of children with disabilities
  • Communities in the Kilifi County of Kenya
  • Tanzanian organizations currently using our model, which can be replicated anywhere


We don’t ship supplies overseas.

We support the local economy by sourcing supplies within the countries we work.

We don’t exclude.

Although we are a Christian organization, we strive to be like Jesus, and so we serve all people, no matter their religion or beliefs.

We don’t fundraise alone.

Our Kenyan partners raise 10-30% of our program costs each year through local fundraisers and campaigns.

We don’t lead alone.

Our partner organization in Kenya is run by local professionals who tailor programs and service delivery for their culture, in their language and according to existing needs and realities.

We don’t lecture.

Our training and events are designed around discussions and exercises that allow participants to learn from one other and craft time-bound plans that are tailored to their local context and driven by their personal conviction.


Together, we can build a world where every child with a disability has the health, education and opportunities they deserve.

Learn more about the challenges facing children with disabilities and why our work is needed.

You make our programs possible & your support is improving and saving lives.

Less than $1/day can enable a child to attend a special needs school.

Learn how to use your voice to help protect and empower children with disabilities.