Child Case Management Mobile App

In partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University, Dimagi and Sabrams Consulting LLC, Kupenda and Kuhenza for the Children have developed a mobile application to support community-based care and Covid-19 screening, care referrals, and prevention for children with disabilities and their families. This app contains the following features:

Child Progress Tracking
The app features enable Kupenda and Kuhenza to track the physical, social, academic and emotional progress of vulnerable children in our programs, based on the Measure Evaluation project’s Child Status Index, which we have tailored for children with disabilities. Our Kenyan staff and community leader child advocates have used this tool and our Kilifi County Service Referral Guide to successfully support children with disabilities in Kilifi, Kenya for several years. We are now refining the tool by infusing it with elements of the Washington Group measurements and adapting it for a mobile platform. Pilot testing of the application began with Kuhenza’s staff in early 2020 and is now expanding for use by community leader child advocates throughout Kilifi. The tool is also now available for wider use by our partners in and beyond Kenya.

Kupenda mobile app demo on tablet

Community Leader Child Case Management
The app also includes a survey tool that our community leader child advocates use to counsel children with disabilities and their caregivers who live in their communities. The app also provides leaders with access to a series of informational resources, including our Service Referral Guide, Disability Guidebook, and Disability Law Guide. Community leaders refer to these resources during family counseling sessions and use the reporting form to communicate questions and needs to Kupenda and Kuhenza in a timely manner. Using the app’s prioritization and emergency care features, our office staff are then able to provide immediate support to children who are showing signs of medical needs, malnutrition, illness, or abuse.


GIS Mapping for Community Care Coordination
We are now integrating the app with a GIS map of our innovation center (Kilifi County, Kenya) that shows where the children live, what their needs are, and what services have or have not been provided to them. This map will allow us to prioritize and coordinate our community outreach efforts so more children are served each time we conduct food delivery, home visits, mobile clinics or trainings. This map and our app’s reporting features also allow us to prepare and share data that inspires ministries, organizations and agencies to implement policies and systems that help more vulnerable children access the services they need to thrive.


In its first year of implementation, this app tripled the number of children our Kenyan staff and community leaders were able to manage. To learn more about this project, check out this short video created by our Boston University partners and this video presentation by our Development Director.

To learn more about partnering with Kupenda and Kuhenza to use the Child Case Management app or our other disability advocacy tools, contact us at [email protected].