Who We Are

Our Mission

Kupenda (“love” in Kiswahili) for the Children is a registered 501(c)3 that equips children with disabilities to achieve their God-given potential through advocacy, education, and medical intervention.

Our Vision

A fully integrated society where people of all abilities have access to health, education, and a loving community.

Why We Exist

In many areas of the world, people impacted by disability are viewed as cursed, leading to their neglect, abandonment, abuse, rape, and murder. According to the World Health Organization, “A billion people in the world, 15% of the population, have a disability severe enough that it limits their participation in family, community and political life.” Among these, children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society.

Where We Work

Our innovation center is in the Kilifi region of Kenya but our model and materials are also being used in parts of Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Haiti and are relevant for use in all developing nations. Learn more about our global programs here.

The Children We Serve

Kupenda works with children and youth who have long-term disabilities including physical, cognitive, sensory, and emotional health issues. Some examples are as follows:

spinal chord injuries
cerebral palsy
Down syndrome
learning disabilities 

seizure disorders
deformed limbs

missing limbs
muscular dystrophy
traumatic brain injuries
hard of hearing

What We Value

Local Leadership

Local professionals develop and deliver our programs to ensure they are tailored for each community’s unique language, culture and needs.


We use the WHO and UNICEF’s evidence-based, global best practices for disability care and advocacy.


Kupenda’s provides direct care to some children but we are focused on inspiring and empowering communities to do this work because it is the most sustainable solution.


Our programs are regularly evaluated and we use this information to improve our strategies for the greatest impact.