Local Government Support

In order to sustain, efforts to improve education for children with disabilities must include strong involvement from government and community, as well as from parents. Kupenda meets with local leaders to raise awareness about the education needs of children with disabilities and to inspire their response with specific, time-bound plans. We attend these meetings with copies of the Kenyan Disability Act and law book, as well as stories of our beneficiaries’ needs and the academic success they achieve when consistently and appropriately supported. Over the years, these sensitization meetings have increased special needs teacher positions and the availability of government scholarships for children with disabilities. They have also inspired local leaders to provide funding and resources for special needs learning facilities and teacher training programs. In many areas, disability support is now included in the local government’s annual budgets.


Mobilizing Government Leaders to Support Special Education

Through our disability sensitization and local leader training activities, Kupenda inspired community leaders and local government officials to fund and build a school for children with cerebral palsy in Timboni, a remote and underserved region of Kilifi County in Kenya. The local government also funded some of the educator’s salaries. Learn more about our work with government leaders and this life-changing project here