School Construction and Renovation

Kupenda partners with local government and organizations to source or raise fund for infrastructure projects that support special needs education. In many communities, these efforts have led to the construction or improvement of school buildings, kitchens, special needs classrooms, and wheelchair ramps. We’ve also worked with leaders to ensure schools are equipped with safe water and sanitation systems, as well as learning materials to meet the needs of children with different types of disabilities. These projects have been made possible through partnership with organizations such as Action Kenya, the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK), the Gede Special School, Adventures for the Cure, World Vision, and Constituency Development Fund (CDF), among others.

Kupenda has also accepted financial and labor contributions from U.S. volunteers and churches to support these construction projects at special needs schools and facilitates. In the past, these groups have constructed kitchen areas, repaired ceilings, improved ventilation systems, built shelves, constructed wheel chair ramps, provided school supplies and even purchased a water tank. These work projects are run in partnership and alongside Kenyan workers and all building materials and school equipment are purchased locally to support the Kenyan economy.