Equipment and Supplies

Through government advocacy and community-based partnerships, Kupenda helps secure medical equipment and supplies for children with disabilities. This may include:

  • medical supplies (such as gauze, anti-bacterial medication, gloves)
  • medicine (such as epileptic medicine, specialized multivitamins, de-worming tablets)
  • medical equipment (such as wheelchairs, occupational therapy equipment, crutches, braces and pressure mattresses to prevent bed sores)

We also arrange for equipment donation through partnerships with Kenyan government entities and other organizations such as Hungry for Life and World Vision.


Wheelchair Access During Covid-19

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya’s boarding schools closed and children were sent home. Several of these children were struggling because their wheelchairs had been left at the schools. Our Kenyan staff learned about this during their family counseling sessions and then contacted the teachers who helped the children to access their wheelchairs. Throughout  the pandemic Kupenda also provided remote medical care and counseling to more than 600 children using our Child Case Management mobile application. During that time, we were also able to help 29 children who were in need of wheelchairs to access these assistive devices. Read more about our medical activities during the pandemic here.

Medication Supplies Enable Rehema to Heal and Thrive 

A few years ago, Rehema was suffering from epilepsy, cataracts, and repeated malaria infections. After assessing and counseling Rehema and her caregivers, Kupenda helped her to access malaria treatment, seizure medication, and surgery for the cataract. Rehema is now much healthier, which has enabled her to graduate from secondary school and enroll in a vocational school where she is studying tailoring and dressmaking. Learn more about our support for Rehema and her family here.