Family Counseling

If families of children with disabilities do not have the emotional and/or financial support to care for them, it can be difficult for the child to succeed. Parents are often the most successful advocates for children with disabilities; the more they understand, the more they become involved in their children’s lives. We engage parents by inviting them to support groups, providing them with individualized counselling, and helping them access alternative sources of financial support for their children, such as tuition waivers and income generating projects. These activities have helped thousands of parents provide for their children financially, emotionally, and physically. Many have also become active advocates for their children’s rights and counselors for other families impacted by disability.


Faith’s Journey

In low-income countries around the world, 60% of children with disabilities grow up in the care of a single mother. Faith is one of these children. Her mother, Rehema, works odd jobs and supports her family by herself. Because of this, she was unable to meet all of Faith’s needs on her own and came to Kupenda for help. Now, Faith benefits from our program in several ways. She is enrolled in school, has daily therapy, and Rehema attends family counseling sessions which helps empower her as a mother of a child with a disability. Read more about Faith’s journey here.

Helping Idris Communicate and Overcome Stigma

People with disabilities are often stigmatized in low-income countries. The cause of their disabilities is often attributed to demons or witchcraft. Idris was born deaf and has had problems communicating as a result. Due to the stigma associated with disability, Idris’ father left the family due to the shame he felt, leaving Idris’ mother to care for him on her own. Not only has Idris been able to get the special education he needs, but he’s also been able to improve his sign language ability which has helped him socialize with other children. Kupenda has also provided counseling sessions to his mother and family about the medical causes behind Idris’ hearing impairment. These family counseling sessions have dispelled a lot of the stigma associated with Idris’ disability letting him live a life of confidence and acceptance. Read more about Idris’ successes here.

Finding Fulfillment After Homelessness

Riziki is a young girl who was born deaf to parents who held spiritually traditional views on disabilities. This caused the parents to resent Riziki and believed that there was no point in educating her. In addition to this stigma, the economic reality of the region puts immense pressure on parents of children with disabilities. Riziki’s emotional and physical health was quickly deteriorating before Kupenda intervened. With Kupenda’s help, Riziki now has access to education and medical care, and, her parents are provided with family counseling which has taught them how to properly care for and support Riziki. They have also learned sign language which has let them communicate with their child empowering them to advocate for Riziki in all that she does and needs. Read more about Riziki here.