Where We Work

Kenya: Our Innovation and Testing Center
The Kilifi County of Kenya is our innovation center where we have worked alongside our partners at Kuhenza for the Children to help thousands of children with disabilities access care and support since 1999. This county is also where we use human-centered design strategies to develop and test our disability advocacy training content for pastors, traditional healers and government leaders. Our disability advocacy approaches are also being replicated by other Kenyan NGOs such as Sasa Harambe, KESHO, Bethany Children’s Trust and Compassion International.

Global: International Nonprofit Organization (INGO) Disability Inclusion Support
Kupenda has supported and trained several large, global INGOs such as World Relief, Cure International and Hope Walks on how to design, implement and monitor disability advocacy pastor training programs and make their existing programs more inclusive of families impacted by disability. Our disability approaches and tools are now being used in all 100 countries where they work.

Tanzania: First Replication of our Disability Advocacy Model
Since 2014, Kupenda has supported work in 3 regions of Tanzania by conducting needs assessments, community-based rehabilitation and community leader advocacy training programs. Some of our partners in Tanzania include TRACED, EMFERD, and The Gabriella Children’s Center and various public schools and government ministries.

Zambia: Technical Assistance for Replication of our Disability Programs
Since 2018, Kupenda has collaborated remotely with partners in 2 regions of Zambia. The Special Hope Network (SHN) leads our pastor disability trainings independently with remote support from our U.S. and Kenyan teams. We were connected to this organization through our grant and training program under the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). Shortly after we started working with SHN, a social worker from the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services of Zambia visited our work in Kenya and was inspired to start her own NGO, Lilato, to support Zambian children living with disabilities. She raised funding to bring our Kenyan director to Zambia where he helped her open the organization and start training local leaders as disability advocates.

Sierra Leone: Co-led Disability Trainings
In 2018, we conducted disability needs assessments, collaborated on inclusion trainings for educators, and co-facilitated a Pastor Disability Advocacy workshop in Sierra Leone in partnership with the International Theological Education Network (ITEN) and EduNations, and World Hope International (WHI). WHI and ITEN are now working with Kupenda to infuse our training model into their programs in other nations where they operate.

Malawi: Site Visits and Disability Program Design
World Relief observed our Disability Trainings in Kenya to learn about our program model and then invited us to visit their programs in Malawi and conduct a disability gap analysis of their Church Engagement program. After this, our Kenyan director trained their staff on disability advocacy, which in turn, enabled them to conduct their own Disability Advocacy Training for 14 World Relief staff from 10 countries.

Haiti: Needs Assessment and Technical Support 
Kupenda was contracted to work with Pazapa in Jacmel, Haiti to conduct a community needs assessment. During Covid-19 we also provided technical support and shared child case management resources with Pazapa and Help for Haiti in Cap Haitien.

Kupenda designs, implements and supports disability training and inclusion programs. Our innovation center is in Kenya but we work with partners and disability advocates in low and middle income countries around the world.

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