Faith’s Journey From Survival to Security

by Lauren Blair

When Faith’s mother, Rehema, first arrived at Kupenda’s office in Kenya, she didn’t know where else to turn. Her daughter’s intellectual and physical disabilities required more time and resources than she had, especially as she was already busy sustaining her family’s other basic needs. Since Rehema worked odd jobs, it was nearly impossible for her to take Faith to her doctor visits and regular therapy, administer her seizure medications as scheduled, and watch over her safety. 

Caregiver Challenges

According to a report by the World Bank, 600 million mothers worldwide are unable to work due to childcare constraints such as these. Like many Kenyan mothers of children with disabilities, Rehema is also a single parent. In low-income countries throughout the world, women who give birth to children with disabilities are often stigmatized and abandoned, causing 60% of children with disabilities to grow up in the care of single mothers

Faith being held by her mother, Rehema

Many people in Faith’s community also believed her disability was the result of witchcraft and wanted to stay away from her. This made it hard for Rehema to find someone to care for Faith while she worked. 

Fostering a Future Hope

With the help of Kupenda’s services, however, Faith was connected to life-sustaining care. Today, Faith is enrolled in school where she not only receives an education, but also daily assistance with medication, physical therapy, and nutrition. Additionally, her mother is now able to earn a stable income for her family while knowing that her daughter’s needs are being met at school.

Four Levels of Support

For Faith, her days of uncertainty have now been replaced with reliable care, greater physical freedom, and the building blocks of knowledge and skills that will help her achieve a greater level of independence.

For Rehema’s family, Faith’s disability is no longer a cause of poverty and instability. Now Rehema feels more hopeful about her daughter’s future and her ability to provide for Faith and her siblings. 

For Faith’s community, Kupenda’s disability sensitization activities are continuing to foster inclusion by reducing negative beliefs about the causes of disability and promoting the dignity of every individual.

And for the Kenyan mothers raising children with disabilities, Kupenda provides support groups and counseling that enable them to earn a living and support their family’s survival. 

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