Tuition and Supplies

Kupenda’s child sponsorship program covers boarding fees, medical care, supplemental staff, and food for children in primary school (grades 1-8), secondary (high school), vocational institutions, and college. Although the Kenyan government provides free primary school for all children, such coverage does not include the cost of special needs and boarding schools that are necessary for many students with disabilities. Kupenda helps families access funding for these schools and also connects parents to other scholarship programs for their children.  Additionally, parents with means are encouraged to help families impacted by disability with less resources. Kupenda’s education programs enable over 200 children with disabilities to enroll in full-time education programs each year.


Helping Furaha Access Education and Therapy

Furaha was born with cerebral palsy that affected her legs and upper body and left her unable to walk. Her mother, who was raising her and her five siblings on her own, was unable to afford Furaha’s tuition at a special school that could meet her needs. Fortunately, Kupenda provided Furaha with counseling and tuition support that enabled her to enroll in the Gede Special School. There, she had access to physical therapy and soon learned to write so she could complete here schoolwork. Now she has excelled so much physically and academically that she was recently transferred to a mainstream school! Read Furaha’s full story here.

Including Amani: A Young Man’s Journey to Independence

Amani is deaf and did not know sign language, so it was difficult for him to communicate with others. His impoverished family could not afford to pay for his tuition at a special education school. Fortunately, Kupenda learned of Amani’s situation and connected him with a generous sponsor who donated $30 per month so he could begin attending the Gede Special School. Once at school, Amani excelled in sign language, academics, drama and volleyball. After he graduated, Amani decided to become a teacher and Kupenda helped him to enroll in the Nesbony Teaching College. We also ensure that sign language teachers were hired at this college to assist Amani and other hearing impaired students who wanted to be trained as teachers. Read Amani’s full story here.