Kupenda Contributes to UNICEF New Disability Toolkit

by Jessica Charles Abrams

Kupenda’s technical team was recently invited to provide feedback on UNICEF’s new toolkit for Addressing Stigma and Discrimination toward Children and Youth with Disabilities through Social and Behavior Change (SBC). Our CEO, Kenyan director, and development director worked closely with global disability and SBC experts to review three modules of the toolkit and provide feedback, based on their 80+ combined years of disability advocacy experience. Their recommendations were then incorporated into the toolkit, which was finalized and published earlier this year.

The toolkit, co-designed with over 300 individuals and 9 organizations, serves as a vital resource for UNICEF SBC experts and program specialists, government officials, organizations of persons with disabilities, civil society organizations, youth networks, and families of children with disabilities, in our collective endeavor to foster a society free from stigma, discrimination, abuse, and neglect.

This toolkit includes an introduction, a foundational module, seven thematic modules, a user guide and a Theory of Change (PowerPoint presentation).

The modules are as follows:


Please join us in supporting the dissemination and implementation of this toolkit.

Disability inclusion starts with You, with Me, with All of Us!

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