With only five days to election, Gede students, teachers and parents gathered in the school dining hall for prayers yesterday at noon before going home.  The head teacher had to explain why the Government found it not safe for children to remain in schools at this election time.

Lead by Rev. Mangi (Kupenda Kenya board chairman) the children prayed for the following:
1.     A peaceful election
2.    God to give Kenya a president of His own choice.
3.    God to give Kenyans a leader who is God fearing   
        and mindful of all citizens.
4.    God to give Kenyans a president who is mindful of  
        people living with disabilities.
5.    God to remove the fear that Cynthia and all  
       Kupenda volunteers have
       so that they can come to Kenya as planned after the peaceful
6.    God to give all the children good health while at home.

Children were asked if they would like Cynthia to come with her friends to Kenya and they showed their big YES by rising up their hands.

With a peaceful election, all children are expected be back to school on 7th of March (happens to be Cynthia’s birthday so would be an amazing gift).

After the prayers children started to leave the school with their parents.

Continue praying for this nation not to witness what happened in 2007/2008.

Thank you

Leonard Mbonani
Kupenda for the Children Kenya Director

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