Zavier’s Story: Kupenda’s Partnership with CURE in The Philippines

by Cure International

Photo credit: CURE International

Photo Credit: CURE International

Justin and Vincent are first-time parents. They were overjoyed at the news of their pregnancy, but their happiness was replaced with shock and grief upon learning that their baby, Zavier, had a cleft lip and palate. This occurs when a baby’s lip and roof of the mouth do not form and close properly while developing inside the mother’s womb.

“I experienced shock because there was no family history of clefts and grief because I felt bad for my son’s condition,” Justin [Zavier’s mother] said.

Justin and Vincent wished for their son to have corrective surgery, but they couldn’t afford the hospitalization.

Fortunately, Justin met Joy, a ministry worker in the Church of God who had recently participated in CURE International‘s Theology of Disability training. This training is modeled after Kupenda’s Disability and Inclusion Workshop for Christian Leaders.

The workshop helped Joy learn how to understand the definitions, causes, and effective interventions for different disabilities so she could help children like Zavier. Joy referred the family to CURE’s hospital in Davao City for care. She also counseled the family and provided them with spiritual support as they went through the process.

Justin is now overjoyed with anticipation that her little one will soon get the surgical help and care he needs to thrive!

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