Technical Services


Kuhenza and Kupenda transform harmful beliefs surrounding disability to those that improve children’s lives.

Technical Services

Kupenda for the Children (an American 501(c) 3) and its affiliate, Kuhenza for the Children (a Kenyan NGO) are niche organizations focused on improving justice, care and inclusion for families impacted by disability in low- and middle-income countries. Kupenda has been registered in the U.S. since 2003 and Kuhenza has been registered in Kenya since 2007. Neither organization has received U.S. government funding in the past — making us ideal for both USAID’s New Partnership Initiative and Locally Established Partner interests.

Last year, Kupenda’s programs improved quality of life for more than 70,000 children with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries. This success and our 20 years of disability program design and implementation experience qualifies us to provide the following technical services:

  • Training and Counselling for Individuals with Disabilities, their Families, and Community Leaders
  • Adaptation and Testing of Materials and Services
  • Community or Program Disability Needs Assessments
  • Consultation on Disability Inclusion Programming and Best Practices


All of our programs and materials are designed and pilot tested in our innovation center in Kilifi County, Kenya, in partnership with our field team of Kenyan disability professionals.

All of our programs and materials are developed using a human-centered design approach that engages our beneficiaries in development, testing and refinement.

Our implementers are local professionals who tailor programs and service delivery for their culture, in their language and according to existing needs and realities.

Our trainings and events are designed around discussions and exercises that allow participants to learn from one other and craft time-bound plans that are tailored to their local context and driven by their personal conviction.