Medical Professionals

Kupenda employs medical professionals, such as nurses and occupational therapists, to care for children with disabilities at their homes and schools. In addition to assessing and treating the children, many of these professionals provide parents and teachers with training on basic care skills to improve the frequency and quality of care these children receive. These professionals are able to provide care for several children each day, and do so even when the children’s schools are closed due to holidays, weather conditions, and teacher strikes. Since Kupenda secured its own vehicle in 2015, they have been able to visit even more children each day. As with Kupenda’s teaching staff, we work with leaders and communities to make these health care positions sustainable by shifting their salary payments to the local government. Each year we hire 1-3 medical professionals and each year the local government takes over employment of 1-3 medical professionals – thereby creating a continuous loop that feeds more trained health care staff into the local system.


Equipping Parents

Many parents of children with cerebral palsy know little about the condition and how to appropriately care for their children. Since daily exercises are particularly important for children with cerebral palsy, Kupenda’s occupational therapists and nurses provide free workshops for parents of children with cerebral palsy. During these sessions, family members learn about proper positioning, exercises, and care.

Meet Musa

In 2015, Kupenda hired Musa Mutwiri Musa as our full-time occupational therapist. Musa offers therapy services to children at Gede Special School daily, limited visits to The Marafa School, and cares for those not yet in school. On a typical day, Musa attends to the needs of nine children in school and two children in home-based care who are either brought to the school or at their homes. Musa also offers guidance to the parents of children with disabilities so they can provide simple therapy techniques at home. During the school holidays and when the teachers were on strike, Musa visited the children at their homes with an aim of teaching the parents a few basic handling and positioning skills to ensure continuity of therapy services. When Kupenda purchased a vehicle in 2015, Musa expanded his service delivery to the Madunguni, Chakama, Ganze and Bamba areas. In 2016, the government committed to paying Musa’s salary directly. He is now stationed in Marafa and serves hundreds of children each year.

Red Cross Kid’s Training

In November 2016 we arranged for the Red Cross to train several of the older children at The Gede Special Needs Boarding school. With a limited number of caregivers this equips children with disabilities to assist their peers and know when to alert their caretakers.