Pastors and Religious Leaders

Many people in Kenya, even Christian pastors, believe disabilities are caused by witchcraft or are a punishment from God. Since over 90% of Kenyans practice Christianity, pastors’ views on disability have a significant impact on views held by community members. Kupenda reaches out to these pastors by facilitating discussions focused on disabilities at meetings, workshops, and sermons. In recent years Kupenda has begun to expand these outreach activities to traditional healers and Muslim imams, who also have a significant influence on community values and beliefs in Kenya.

Kupenda’s advocacy efforts have inspired pastors and their congregations to help children with disabilities by:

  • arranging volunteer activities at local special needs facilities
  • providing food to children and families impacted by disability
  • improving wheelchair accessibility at their churches
  • including children with disabilities in all church activities
  • advocating for the rights of children and families impacted by disabilities during church sermons and activities