On March 24th and 25th Cindy attended the Accessibility Summit at Mclean Bible church. This was a conference geared towards organizations, churches, and families that deal with disabilities. It was really great to see all these really wonderful people. There was a Kupenda booth set up and many people came by asking questions and wanting to get involved. It was especially great to meet Tsedeye from Ethiopia, whom Cindy met at last year’s conference. She is planning on going back to Ethiopia to start a mission with simlilar objectives to Kupenda. It would be wonderful if Leonard and/or Cindy could visit visit Ehtiopia and help her out. Tsedeye’s heart for this exists because of her sister. Mimi, her sister, has cerebral palsy which was caused by measles at the age of 7 years old. Perhaps Mimi and Tsedeye will be able to visit Kenya to see all that is going on to help them get started.

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I was real inpress with the news about kupenda for children i am a student doing a projet on chidren with special needs .i was ask to choose an organistion or individual for my projet,druning my resaches in google i find out about kupenda for children and it was so intresting.please keep on the good work God will continune strenting you all ,and i will like to speak to one of the founder,my name is Abeni my telphone is 00353851438443 i live in IRELAND thanks God bless you all.


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