February 2023

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World Day of Social Justice: How Kupenda is Combating Inequality

by Rebecca Heidorn

  • Posted on February 22, 2023

February 20th marked the United Nations’ World Day of Social Justice. This day served as an opportunity to promote social justice by addressing issues such as poverty, exclusion, unemployment, human rights violations, and gender inequality—issues which Kupenda works to address on a daily basis. When it comes to social justice issues, one of the most…

Unlikely Gifts: A Kupenda for the Children Podcast

by Cynthia Bauer, Kupenda Founder and Executive Director

On Valentine’s Day, we are excited to announce our upcoming Kupenda for the Children podcast: “Unlikely Gifts.” The word “Kupenda” in Swahili means “love.” More accurately, it refers to “a constant state of loving.” Since so much of what we do is about demonstrating love to children and families impacted by disabilities, we thought this…


Making a Global Impact: One Intern’s Experience With Kupenda

by Eli Scharf

  • Posted on February 3, 2023

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I attend, there is a built-in time for independent activities between the end of winter break and the beginning of the spring semester. It’s a time when many students return to campus and work on projects and internships that interest them. Without classes in session, students devote…

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Better Late Than Never: Charo’s Story of Survival

by Sandra Bauer

  • Posted on February 3, 2023

Charo’s life is a remarkable story of survival. When he was just five months old, he suffered from extreme malnutrition, which caused him to become completely blind. The local school did not have the necessary teachers and equipment to meet his needs. As a result, Charo was left at home while the other children in…

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