May 2018

Music of the Heart: Katelyn’s Story

  • Posted on May 24, 2018

Every decision we make, no matter how small, echoes throughout the course of our life, often affecting us for much longer than we expect. In the summer of 2010, Katelyn McCarthy made a decision that would change the course of her life: she went to Kenya as a volunteer with Kupenda for the Children. At the…

International Family Day: Strengthening the Family, Strengthening Society

  • Posted on May 15, 2018

Today, on May 15, the United Nations’ International Day of Families, Kupenda celebrates the importance of the family unit to support healthy children and strong societies. Ten-year-old Neema Baya has been deaf since birth.  Several years ago her parents accused one another of causing her disability and eventually decided to separate and leave her in…

A group of 7 Kenyan women and 4 children all standing together outside.

3 Ways to Honor Special Women on Mother’s Day while Supporting Families Impacted by Disability

by Kupenda

  • Posted on May 7, 2018

When Agnus Mwarenga’s daughter was just 6 months old she began having severe seizures that eventually caused her arms and legs to become paralyzed. Now 12-years old, Agnus’ daughter uses a wheelchair but is still able to make shoes, key holders, belts and decorative flowers for baskets. Agnus has also learned to make these items…

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