This is a photo of a child named Athman Shaban a child that has hydrocephalus. This past February he was taken to Kijabe to have a successful shunting surgery. This was done in partnership with the Association for the Physically handicapped in Kenya (APDK). This was a life saving procedure and, through Kupenda, he will be visiting a neurosurgeon in Mombassa (about 60km from Malindi) on a montly basis for followup treatment. Kupenda supporters have played a part in the saving of this life. Thank you!

On Wednesday March 1st, Pat, Adam and Cindy met Emmanuel Yeboah who biked across the country of Ghana with one leg to prove that disability is not a curse as is thought in Ghana and other African countries including Kenya. Pat and Adam will be biking across the US to raise funds for Kupenda for the children and for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) since Adam has type I diabetes and both are incredible athletes. They kind of came out of no where to throw themselves into helping Kupenda. Cindy met them while presenting Kupenda at a young adults retreat in Maryland. They are very enthusiastic and energenic. They are an incredible gift from God towards Kupenda efforts. For more information on their trip and how you can help please see their website… adventures for the cure

They recently went to Kenya to see the work of Kupenda for the children. Through their bike ride they will be trying to raise approximately $20,000 USD to build a boarding facility for handicapped children in the country side of the Malindi district of Kenya in an area called Marafa. Here you see Pat and Adam in front of the building that will be converted into a boarding facility for up to 100 children with disabilities.

Adam with one of the Baya boys that has microcephalus.

Adam with a girl in the special needs unit at Gede school.

From January 17th-30th Cindy (Kupenda founder), Andy (vice president) Randy (Kupenda board member and uncle to Cindy andAndy), Pat and Adam were in Kenya to help out and observe Kupenda’s activities. This is the new office that was officially opened during out visit. From left to right we have: Adam (adventures for the cure) , Rev. Randy (Kupenda board member), Patrick (adventures for the cure), Zuhura(Kupenda Kenya secretary), Leonard (Kupenda Kenya coordinator), Cindy (Kupenda founder), Rev. Robert Mangi (Kupenda Kenya chairman), Gabriel (Kupenda Kenya treasurer) and Andy (Kupenda vice-president). It was a great trip overall.

Randy led a workshop for about 30 area pastors to discuss what the bible says about children with special needs and how the church can bem ore accessible to these children and help them. Within just one day of the workshops local churches were forming groups within their congregations to figure out how to do this. One church even gathered funds to send a special needs child to school that week! Three more similar occurences happenned during that week alone.

Here you see Andy helping out Kasere Wanje Andy helped out with alot on the trip especially videoing for Randy and Patrick and Adam (for their trip across the country to raise funds for Kupenda). Andy also is getting things ready for a short term mission of 10-20 people who will be using their skills to help Kupenda meet the needs of these special children.

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