Congratulations Aisha!

by Kupenda

Aisha Suleiman (15) was among the first learners to be admitted to the Timboni Special School, which Kupenda helped to establish last year.

Due to the severity of her cerebral palsy, Aisha could not sit or crawl when she arrived at school. Her hands were also bent in such a way that she could not hold a writing device. She had not achieved any of her developmental milestones and so she was dependent on others to  help her with all of her daily activities. She could communicate but with a lot of difficulty and her speech could only be understood well by those very close to her.

At school, therapy services are being offered once a week to Aisha and they are helping her mobility to improve. Now she is able to sit independently, get out of bed, and crawl to join other learners and interact with them. Her speech has also improved and others are able to understand more of what she says, which is helping her to make friends.

Cerebral palsy has not prevented Aisha from accomplishing her school work and participating actively in class. She is also now using her mouth to color pictures!

Reflecting on her progress, our Kenyan field staff said:

“It is through Aisha’s determination and having a heart of ‘I can also do it!’ that has made her achieve so much in such a short time.”

Congratulations Aisha, keep it up!

Aisha drawing with her mouth.


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