From Silence to Success: Sanita’s Story

by Sandra Bauer

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Sanita excelled academically in school

Sanita is a young woman that has no hearing or speech. As a child, she wasn’t able to attend the local primary school because of her disability.  Fortunately, a couple from America decided to support Sanita through Kupenda’s sponsorship program, which meant she was able to go to a special school where she learned sign language.  There, she proved to be a very bright and hardworking girl who quickly passed through elementary school.

During her childhood, Sanita not only struggled with a disability, but she also suffered the loss of her father.  Fortunately, she had an older step-brother who assumed her care and supported her educational pursuit.  He visited her at school, was elected to the school committee, and made sure she had the personal items she needed needed to live in a dormitory.

In 2013, Sanita completed her primary school education with above average scores and was admitted to Pwani Secondary School for the Deaf!

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As a high school student, Sanita once again worked very hard in her subjects and participated in the school’s athletic program, competing in netball, volleyball, and track events.

Six years later, Sanita passed her final exams and completed her high school education. She was then accepted as a student at Gede Vocational Centre in the program of Beauty Therapy.

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Sanita is now a talented beautician

Although Sanita once again did well and worked hard at Gede, the Coronavirus pandemic forced all schools in Kenya to close. Schools closed in March of 2020 and did not reopen until January of 2021.  Kenyan schools and most families did not have the technology and associated devices to offer remote classes. In January of 2021, the students returned to school but had to repeat the semester they had missed.

Sanita is now preparing to complete her Beauty Therapy course. Her recent exam scores were so high that she even impressed her teachers! She is now able to plait hair, add additions, and do hair according to a clients’ wishes.

This woman who wasn’t able to attend school as a young child, has now completed a college program!  This girl who had to stay at home when the other girls went to school is one of the few people in her village to have a college education!

Sanita is now ready to earn a living and live an independent life thanks to Kupenda and her American sponsors.


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