Who would have thought a chance meeting last October 2005 would have led to a contribution of $20,000 for a special needs boarding facility in Kenya. As most of you know, last May, Patrick Blair, Adam Driscoll, Jesse Stump (I often refer to them as “the boys”) began a 6,000 mile journey zigzagging across the United States starting in Bellingham Washington and ending in Ocean City Maryland. They rode fixed gear bikes meaning they couldn’t change gears or stop peddling (even down hill). Philip and Andy Knolton drove the support vehicle and filmed their journey. These guys were not only raising money for Kupenda but also raising awareness and funds for Diabetes. Adam Driscoll has type I diabetes and was showing people that it doesn’t have to limit you. What a great example to the children they are helping in Kenya as well!

This is a girl who will benefit from the boarding facility the boys have funded

The boys have raised more than their target of $20,000!!!! The first payment has already been made to begin construction of the boarding facility and it is expected that it will be completed at the end of January 2007. The boys plan on coming to Kenya in January to be there for the official opening of the facility and help out with the final construction needs as well. Adam and Pat were there last January. These guys have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. They are much better at keeping up with their blog than me so please check out their information at http://adventuresforthecure.com/index.htm for the latest on all they are doing and have done. Please take the time to look at the trailer for their upcoming full length documentary on their journey, their cause, and making a difference.

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