Here you see Adam Driscoll, Cindy Bauer, Jesse Stump and Patrick Blair. This was taken just before they drove across the US. These three young men are beginning their cross country bike ride to raise funds and awareness of Kupenda for the children and American diabetes Association. Their friend Phil will be driving with them in case anything should happen and so they don’t have to bring their equipment on their bikes. They will be leaving Tuesday (May 30th) morning at 7AM West coast time from Washington. Therefore if you are on the East coast and want to say a little prayer for them you might want to do so just as they start which will be 10AM East coast time. They will be keeping their news pretty up to date as they go along so if you are interested in tracking their progress please visit their website . You can also see opportunities to meet up with them along the road if you look at their map which has dates and locations. Keep posted to see details of an official 30 mile ride into Ocean city on Labor day weekend. People will be able to sign up to join them as they finish the last thirty miles of their 3 month ride. These guys are incredible blessings to Kupenda. God truly is using them to change somany lives.

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