3 Ways to Honor Special Women on Mother’s Day while Supporting Families Impacted by Disability

by Kupenda

A group of 7 Kenyan women and 4 children all standing together outside.

When Agnus Mwarenga’s daughter was just 6 months old she began having severe seizures that eventually caused her arms and legs to become paralyzed. Now 12-years old, Agnus’ daughter uses a wheelchair but is still able to make shoes, key holders, belts and decorative flowers for baskets. Agnus has also learned to make these items and the mother-daughter pair have been working to grow their business for the past 4 years.
Agnus is now 63 and is grateful for these new income-generating skills since she spent most of her life doing hard labor as a house builder.

“I’m getting old so I can’t do that hard work – lifting the bricks, mixing the mortar. The craft-making money is better too so I’m able to feed my children a balanced diet and take them to the hospital when they are sick.”

This Mother’s Day you can help Kupenda support mothers of children with disabilities like Agnus:

  1. Sponsoring a child in your mother’s name for just $1/day!
  2. Donating to Kupenda in your mother’s name
  3. Purchasing gifts through Amazon Smile and selecting Kupenda as your charity of choice

New child sponsorship and donations over $60 made by Monday, May 14 will receive a free basket made by disabled artisans in Kenya (with flowers made by Agnus!)

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If you’re interested in supporting one of the many children they serve, head over to their sponsorship page to learn about how you can make a difference for just $30 / month.

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