How Your Donations Have Changed 4 Lives

by Jessica Charles Abrams

Dear Friends,

This year I sat with 4 children from our programs and listened to stories of how their lives had been transformed because of your donations. Each child’s story illustrated how a $30 gift is so much more than a month of tuition – it’s also access to food, a bed, medical care, and friends. Here’s what they told me.

Kennard Kahindi, 15

I got polio when I was 3 years old. My legs were turned back and I could only walk for short distances before I fell down. But now, with the help of the school doctor, I can walk. There are some other children like me here so I feel like I’m in the right place.

Kasere Kaingu, 20

When I was at home before joining school I used to crawl and I couldn’t speak. People used to beat me. But at school I have a wheelchair and I am learning, eating and sleeping well. In the future, I want to teach deaf children.

Florence Tom, 11

I got an infection as a baby and then couldn’t walk or eat independently. [Other children] were afraid to play with me – they thought I’d infect them. But at school I’m doing exercises with the doctor. I came here crawling but now I can walk and eat on my own. I have made so many friends here.

Elderon Jaffe, 13

My mother and father died before I came here. I’m happy to be here now I have a good place to sleep. I like learning Mathematics. I want to be a solider – I’m impressed by the uniforms they wear.

These four children are among the hundreds you have helped through Kupenda’s child sponsorship program.

Today we have 125 more children awaiting sponsorship. Just like Kennard, Elderon, Kasere and Florence – these boys and girls need care and support to thrive. Your gift of only $30 a month will transform their lives.

Thank you for considering a sponsorship or monthly donation to assist these special children.

In love and gratitude,


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