Feedback from the Children You Support

by Jessica Charles Abrams

A teenage boy in a brown shirt standing outside and smiling.

Dear friends,

June marks the end of our fiscal year, and we are so grateful for the ways you helped us get through these trying times. We thought you would like to hear from some of the children you are supporting themselves.

“I used to cry when taken to school. I could [not] write and not express my problems, but now I can boldly stand and be confident.”

“Ever since I learnt sign languages my self-esteem [has] boosted. I have confidence in everything I do.”

“I have learnt to communicate and have stories with friends. I make new friend always.

“I am more confident because [I] am being loved both at home and school.”

“Through Kuhenza, I get anti-seizure medication which has helped me. I have not had any seizures for over one year.”

“My self-esteem has changed. I can stand and defend myself in front of my peers while at school and at home. And I can stand up and defend others.”

“I feel healthy nowadays compared to earlier days. This is because of the exercise and the balanced diet I get at school.”

“My grades are so good. I have been learning new things at school…sign language and how to be independent.”

“I, at first, was a shy boy and I loved hiding, but I now came out and I am confident due to mingling with others who are like me.”

“I was ever sick when I was a kid, but nowadays I am well off, and I cannot complain. The wheelchair is helping, and I am happy and thankful.”

“I have confidence about myself. This is because people embrace me, and I feel loved.”

Friendships. Health. Education. Confidence.

Your gifts made these changes possible.

Will you consider increasing your support to help even more children in need this year?

250 children are waiting for a sponsor.

200 families need COVID-19 food support.

100s of families need counseling and referrals.

Every time you give, you help us meet these needs.

Thanks for joining us in making a more loving, just, and inclusive world for children with disabilities.

A child in a green shirt, seated in a wheelchair smiling.

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