God’s Timing

by Kupenda

An adult female standing beside a Kenyan girl who is missing her left hand.

Lately, my friend Joyce has come up in a few conversations regarding God’s work in Kupenda lately, so I thought I’d write about her (I’ve been told I should blog so this will become a regular thing with writing by others who support our work as well). Like me, Joyce was born without her left hand.  I met her almost 4 years ago when I was in a pretty hard place in life and was questioning whether the sacrifices I’d made for Kupenda to exist were worth it or not.  I was in Kenya when a midwife visited our Kenyan office because she had recently delivered little Joyce.  Her mother refused to come out of her house wondering what she had done wrong to have a child born this way.  When the parents and child were brought to our office our Kenya director and chairman discussed the real reasons this happened.  They informed them that this was not because of spirits or witchcraft.  They also told the parents about the things I do, like tying my shoes, driving, typing, playing the guitar, etc.  

The conversation ended with an understanding that if I’d been born with both hands perhaps Kupenda would not have existed and these 600+ children with disabilities in Kenya would not have been assisted.  Therefore Joyce’s mother left our office saying that not only did she now realize that Joyce could function in society but maybe one day Joyce could make a difference for other people too.  All this time I was holding this newborn baby thanking God for the moment.  I thought that if all I ever did lead to this, every tear, heartbreak and uncertainty I’d experienced was worthwhile.  These parents did not know I was visiting.  I only go to Kenya twice a year for 2 weeks at a time yet she was born while I was there.  God’s timing is perfect. 

I need to be reminded of this often.  My timing is not His and His is better than mine.  As we continue to do our best to help these children meet their God-given potential, it is easy to lose heart especially when funds are so limited and there is so much need.  God has done so many miracles through our work both in the children we work with and within me.  We all need to be reminded of what God has done especially when it is so hard to see how we will make the way forward during tough times.  I’m sure many of you have been there, are there now, or one day will be.  I visit Joyce whenever I’m in Kenya now and maybe the relationship I now have with this little 4-year-old girl may serve as a reminder to you of how God can use our imperfections in ways we’d never imagine.  I am again waiting on God to provide and I know He will.  Not in my time….but in His.

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