Training Workshops

Kupenda organizes disability training workshops for teachers, social workers, families, and community health workers. During these sessions, participants discuss disability definitions, causes, and treatments and brainstorm ways they can improve their support to children with disabilities. These trainees help families and professionals provide more appropriate, high-quality support to children with disabilities in their care. They…

Family Counseling

If families of children with disabilities do not have the emotional and/or financial support to care for them, it can be difficult for the child to succeed. Parents are often the most successful advocates for children with disabilities; the more they understand, the more they become involved in their children’s lives. We engage parents by…

Parent Gatherings

Kupenda works with local churches and special needs schools to bring together parents and caregivers of children with disabilities. These gatherings typically involve 20-30 participants and a facilitator who provides information about their children’s disabilities and trains them on home based care and communication strategies to help them improve their child’s quality of life. These…

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