Pastors and Religious Leaders

Many people in Kenya, even Christian pastors, believe disabilities are caused by witchcraft or are a punishment from God. Since over 90% of Kenyans practice Christianity, pastors’ views on disability have a significant impact on views held by community members. Kupenda reaches out to these pastors by facilitating discussions focused on disabilities at meetings, workshops,…

Government Representatives

Government involvement is essential to meeting the needs of children with disabilities. Throughout the world, there is widespread discrimination against people with disabilities, poor implementation of policies designed to protect these individuals, and inadequate funding and legislation in support of people with disabilities. Additionally, some government officials in our focus areas still believe that curses,…

Non Profit Organizations

Kupenda arranges meetings with other nonprofit organizations in our focus area to increase awareness and support for children with disabilities. The goal of each meeting is to develop partnerships, improve inclusion of children with disabilities in their programs, fund special needs projects, and provide awareness about issues connected to disability in the community. Kupenda’s advocacy…

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