Stella Makes Strides Towards a Promising Future

by Mikayla Martin

stella smiling

Stella’s parents first noticed that she had cerebral palsy when she was a baby taking her first steps. Although they wanted to support her as much as possible, her mother’s income from farming and her father’s pay as a hotel housekeeper did not earn them enough to cover her medical and education expenses.

Fortunately, Kupenda’s Kenyan’s team learned of Stella’s situation and connected her with an American sponsor who donated $30 per month to help Stella. These gifts enabled her to receive the medications she needed and complete high school at Gede Special School, where she loved  studying Kiswahili and Social Studies. Later Stella also went on to attend the Timboni Computer Center where she studied computer applications and took a course in dressmaking.

During this time Kupenda’s founders, Cynthia Bauer and Leonard Mbonani, also began leading disability sensitization workshops for leaders and teachers in Stella’s community. This led to accessibility improvements at the local school facilities and higher rates of enrollment and scholarships for children with disabilities, like Stella.

With this academic and community support, Stella developed a passion for education and decided that she wanted to become a teacher. Soon, she was accepted to Hesbony College where she is now studying early childhood education. Stella is an example to others in her community about  what is possible when people with disabilities are given a chance to succeed!

Stella is just one among hundreds of Kenyan children with disabilities who are able to access the schools and medical care they need because of  Kupenda’s generous sponsors. To learn more about how you can help children like Stella for just $30 per month, check out our Sponsorship Program and read our Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions.

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