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The Real-World Impact of Software Development

by Kupenda

My name is Vicky Zheng, and I’m planning to double major in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3) and Management (15-1). My experience with programming started with the drag-and-drop challenges on in middle school, and throughout high school, I’ve been taking CS classes, exploring cybersecurity, and creating projects at hackathons. As a freshman, I’m currently…

300 New Kenyan Children with Disabilities in Need of Support

by Kupenda

Over the past year, through our Covid-19 Response Program, Kupenda’s field staff and local leader child advocates have identified over 300 new children with disabilities in Kilifi, Kenya. More than 65% of these children were in need of care for illness, malnutrition, abuse, or neglect, which we’ve provided through remote counseling and service referrals (using…

Kupenda Guatemala Lionel, Terre, Cindy, Andy, Brian in front of the potential classroom for special needs children in Pastores, Guatemala The first week of April, Andy (Kupenda vice president), Brian (Kupenda board member), and Cindy (Kupenda president) went to Guatemala to follow up on the idea of expanding Kupenda to the town of Pastores Guatemala.…

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