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by Kupenda

A Kenyan boy smiling and leaning on a wheelchair.
“Hope is everything.”
~ Michael Panther
Lausanne disabilities representative from Sudan
Hi friends,
Thanks for your encouragement and prayers while I participated in the Lausanne Younger Leaders’ Gathering in Indonesia earlier this month. Things have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to write you until now. Since hitting U.S. soil, my time has been consumed with the interview process for a new development coordinator and making arrangements for a Kenya trip in September connected to the now, fully funded, full length Kilimanjaro/Kupenda documentary. I’ll fill you in on the exciting details of these endeavors in future updates. For now I just want to fill you in on my time in Indonesia.
While at this gathering, I interacted with people from anywhere you can imagine and areas you probably haven’t heard of. Looking out into the crowd during plenary sessions was like seeing the whole world in one room! I met so many interesting people doing amazing things to spread God’s love throughout the world. This trip confirmed the global need for disability awareness and how receptive people are to inclusion in their respective organizational missions.
In addition to presenting in the introductory disability workshop, there were so many connections throughout the conference regarding Kupenda’s work. Some days I had the same conversation about the needs of children with disabilities 10 times with people from 10 different countries. For example, I had a discussion with a seminary student from Portugal interested in using Kupenda as a case study for his research. While we were talking, a pastor from India was listening and asked for more information. This kind of interaction happened often. I also connected with others already doing beneficial work for children with disabilities creating the potential for successful partnerships. It is all really exciting!   
It feels like Kupenda is on the verge of rapidly increasing its impact for children with disabilities, with the timing of this trip to Indonesia, hiring someone to increase our capacity, and the documentary expansion. There is so much increased hope for enabling more children to achieve their God-given potential in Kenya and beyond!    
Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!
With much love and gratitude, 
Cynthia R Bauer
Kupenda for the Children


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