Celebrating our Donors’ Life-Saving Support this Holiday Season

by Kupenda

An adult man and woman surrounded by 20 school children.

Dear Friends,

This holiday season I am grateful for your continued generosity—over the past year your support has improved the quality of life for more than 49,000 children with disabilities!

In the 15 months I’ve worked in Kenya as Kupenda’s program officer, I’ve seen your contributions turn despair into hope for hundreds of families. One child whose life was saved because of your support was 3-year old Kelvin Baraka who has a life-threatening case of hydrocephalus (spinal fluid on the brain).

When I first met Kelvin and his mother, he was in severe pain and could barely breath. I could feel his mother’s despair as she explained that Kelvin’s father abandoned her and Kelvin’s 5 siblings because of his disability leaving her to care for her family on an income of less than $1 a day. Her poverty meant she could hardly feed her children, much less pay for Kelvin’s medical care.
As a single mother myself, I could relate to her desperation so I first encouraged her to have hope because without hope there is nothing.

We then arranged transportation and medical care for this sweet boy – something that’s only possible because of the emergency medical fund your donations support. At that critical time, Kelvin had hope for life because of you.
After the hospital staff saved Kelvin’s life, his mother told me,

“Now Kelvin can sleep and he can smile. I can see him growing like any other child. Thank you very much for your support. I am asking God to increase you so that this work can continue because I know there are so many parents like me who need your help.”

My heart is touched by Kelvin’s progress and yet aches for the thousands of children like him without hope and in need of the care your donations support. Would you consider increasing your generosity to help more children like Kelvin?

If every Kupenda donor committed to giving $40 per month we would double the number of children we support this coming year. That’s less than $1.40 a day!

Thank you for helping us bring hope, love and life to these children.

Sincerely, Loice Maluki
Kupenda Project Officer and Family Counselor

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