Hundreds of Elite Bikers are Racing to Support Kids with Disabilities this Fall

by Kupenda

Kupenda’s long-time supporters at Adventures for the Cure (AFC) have run and biked thousands of miles and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support children with disabilities in Kenya! This fall they’re at it again with their annual Rockburn Cross event!

For the past 10 years, this event has drawn more than 400 cyclers to Baltimore for an intense day of cyclo-cross racing.

“Cyclo-cross racing is a different type of biking that a lot of people don’t know about,” said Pat Blair, AFC’s founder and an elite runner and cycler. “The elite cyclers race for 1 hour around a 2-mile track and the other cyclers go for 45 minutes…. there is always at least one spot where you have to get off your bike, jump over some barriers (or other obstacle), and then jump back on your bike. You are just sprinting the whole time – it’s the most intense form of racing there is!”

In addition to being pumped for the event, AFC’s athletes are thrilled to finally be able to race together again after two years without events due to Covid-19.

“Everybody’s super happy that we’re doing races again,” Pat said. “It was so dark and sad all that time without being able to race and hanging out with friends.”

But Pat’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop at friends and athletics – he’s also committed to using his passions to raise support for children in need.

“This is just one example of a way that, if someone has a passion for something that they could use it to help someone else,” Pat said. “This is us — because we love running and cycling so much – and we have to take registration fees, so we might as well give them to help Kupenda.”

And Pat wants others to follow his example too!

“This is [just] someone using something they love to make money for someone else when they need it. It doesn’t have to be running and biking like we do – that’s just what we love – it could be art shows or other events. There many ways —  if you’re doing something you love — to make it something that would benefit others.”



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