Impact of Covid-19 on Children with Disabilities

by Kupenda

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Earlier this month, Save the Children launched the Protect a Generation report on the results of a global survey on the impact of COVID-19 which showed that children with pre-existing health conditions and disabilities have experienced reduced access to essential care and assistive devices, due to lockdowns and the prioritization of COVID-19 treatments.

  • 85% of parents/caregiver with disabilities lost more than half of their income
  • 96% of households with children with disabilities reported reduced access to healthcare
  • 45% stated that their child was unable to access regular health and rehabilitation services
  • 45% of respondents from poor households reported having trouble paying for medical supplies during the pandemic
  • 17% of parents and caregivers with disabilities reported that they had been separated from their children due to the pandemic
  • 31% of children from households where the parent/caregiver had a disability reported violence in the home, compared to 16% from those households where parents/ caregivers did not have a disability 
  • Caregivers of children with disabilities were significantly more likely to report not being able to access needed counselling and mental health services than caregivers of children without disabilities
  • Children with disabilities were less likely to have accessed learning materials like remote learning and textbooks or reading books. 


These findings send a clear message: the COVID-19 pandemic has widened pre-existing inequalitiesThe most marginalized and vulnerable, already struggling to stay healthy, stay safe or go to school, are being pushed even further behind. This is particularly true for adults and children with disabilities. There is a real danger that there will be a reversal of progress made over the last 20 years. Policy and programming responses need to be more tailored to such differences.

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