Citizen TV Kenya’s Interview with Kupenda’s Kenyan Field Staff

by Rebecca Heidorn

On the United Nations’ International Disability Day (December 3, 2023) Citizen TV Kenya interviewed Kupenda’s Kenyan field staff, Loice Maluki during a local celebration. A recording of their interview can be accessed here and the translated transcript is included below.

  • Loice Maluki: “Kuhenza for the Children is a non-profit organization that supports children with disabilities in Kilifi County. Kuhenza has 3 main programs and these are: advocacy–we sensitize the communities on the rights of children with disabilities and transform harmful beliefs connected to disability causes. In our communities, when they see a child with a disability, they think it is a result of a curse, demons, and incest, and so, when they uphold these superstitious beliefs, they increase the rate of stigmatization to these children and their families. As a result of this stigmatization, most people and parents do not give these children access to their medical care, education, and inclusion. We do disability advocacy to different community leaders so that they can transform their harmful beliefs and those of their community members connected to disability so that they can love, support, and refer them to services that improve their lives. We also have an education support program. We sensitize parents to know the importance of educating their children with disabilities. We have some children that we sponsor from primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education. This is to serve as an example that when we value and give these children opportunities, they can also learn and be independent in their lives.

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