Author: Rebecca Heidorn

Bernard Mwamyue Infograph

Honoring a Leader in the Disability Community

by Rebecca Heidorn

  • Posted on March 4, 2024

Last month, Kupenda’s Kenyan staff mourned the loss of Bernard Mwamuye, a passionate teacher and prominent disability advocate in Kilifi County, Kenya. Bernard was an officer at the Education Assessment and Research Center (EARC), which helps identify the nature and severity of children’s disabilities in order to best meet their educational needs. Bernard also collaborated…

Citizen TV Kenya’s Interview with Kupenda’s Kenyan Field Staff

by Rebecca Heidorn

On the United Nations’ International Disability Day (December 3, 2023) Citizen TV Kenya interviewed Kupenda’s Kenyan field staff, Loice Maluki during a local celebration. A recording of their interview can be accessed here and the translated transcript is included below. Loice Maluki: “Kuhenza for the Children is a non-profit organization that supports children with disabilities in Kilifi…

A photo of the outside of a Malindi Sub-county hospital

They Never Come Back: Barriers to Healthcare in Kenya

by Rebecca Heidorn

  • Posted on December 11, 2023

Children with disabilities face many barriers to accessible healthcare in Kenya. Since many of them lack birth certificates, they are unable to apply for and receive health insurance, making many services too expensive for their families to afford. There are also very few health practitioners trained to treat disabilities and associated health implications. Perhaps one…

Girls in pink uniform

How Kupenda is Combating Double Discrimination by Contributing to International Day of the Girl

by Rebecca Heidorn

  • Posted on October 9, 2023

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, recognizing the rights and unique challenges faced by girls around the world. Young girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life, not only during these critical formative years, but also as they…

Yaakim smiling

What if We Didn’t Exist?

by Rebecca Heidorn

  • Posted on August 29, 2023

A Family Desperate for Help Just months after her birth, Yaakim began to show signs of significant health issues. Her family had no idea why she was doing so poorly, and they were scared for her life. Her head was enlarged, she constantly cried, wouldn’t feed, appeared malnourished, wasn’t getting enough sleep, and had difficulty…

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