Let’s Talk Numbers: Proving the Effectiveness and Cost Efficiency of Kupenda’s Work

by Kupenda

In 2017 and 2018, under a grant from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, Kupenda conducted an 18-month, mix-method program evaluation that showed how our Disability Training Program for Community Leaders is both cost-efficient and highly effective in saving and improving the lives of children with disabilities. Here’s what we learned.


Changes in Negative Beliefs about Disability

Kupenda’s disability trainings reverse negative beliefs about disability among 75% of pastor trainees and 50% of traditional healer trainees.

Local Leader Disability Activists

Furthermore, after the trainings, 65% of participants take action to support children with disabilities in their communities. This means that, on average, every time we train 25 leaders, 16 of them go out into their communities and give disability sensitization talks and provide counseling, care and services referrals to children with disabilities.

Hundreds of Children’s Lives Improved

On average, each active leader trains 312 community members about disability justice and counsels and refers 24 children with disabilities for care per year. This means that every workshop leads to disability sensitization for 4,992 community members and improved quality of life for 384 children per year.

Inexpensive to Implement

Our 1-day trainings usually cost just ~$300 to implement, which means that this model improves lives for just $0.78 per child and sensitizes a community member for just $0.06 per person!

Long Term Impact

This is what happens after one year but the impact doesn’t stop there. In fact, it expands as leaders learn how to advocate for children more effectively and recruit others from their community to advocate with them. This year we’re even equipping these leaders to facilitate our workshops on their own for their colleagues!


This is how we improve quality of life for more than 40,000 children in 4 nations last year!!!

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