Locally-led, Inclusive and Effective: Celebrating Kupenda’s Work on World NGO Day!

by Kupenda

February 27 is World NGO Day! According to leaders from the United Nations,  the European Union, and organizations around the world,

“World NGO Day is an important annual marking point for NGOs to celebrate their achievements!” 

As such, we want to remind you of Kupenda’s 2018 achievements:

  • We helped 10,190 children with disabilities access education and medical care!
  • We started working with new partners in 5 new nations!
  • We educated 415,333 community members on disability justice, care and inclusion!
  • We had 33,556 parents, teachers, pastors and traditional healers participate in our programs!


In addition, we want to remind you how Kupenda stands out from the crowd!

Here are some of our guiding philosophies we follow to ensure our work is locally-led, inclusive and effective!

  • WE DON’T FUNDRAISE ALONE – Our Kenyan partners raise 10-30% of our program costs each year through local fundraisers and campaigns.


  • WE DON’T LEAD ALONE – Our partner organization in Kenya is run by local professionals who tailor programs and service delivery for their culture, in their language and according to existing needs and realities.


  • WE DON’T LECTURE – Our training and events are designed around discussions and exercises that allow participants to learn from one other and craft time-bound plans that are tailored to their local context and driven by their personal conviction.


  • WE DON’T SHIP SUPPLIES OVERSEAS – We support the local economy by sourcing supplies within the countries we work.


  • WE DON’T EXCLUDE – Although we are a Christian organization, we strive to be like Jesus, and so we serve all people, no matter their religion or beliefs.


Thank you for all your support in making Kupenda one of the world’s leading disability advocacy organizations reaching more then 10,000 children each year!

We know we wouldn’t be here without you!!

With love from,

Cynthia, Nancy, Sandra, Jessica, Leonard, Loice, James, Joseph, Madam Karo and Kalu

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