Meet Moses: An 8 Year Journey with Kupenda

by Rebecca Heidorn

Feature Moses

Kupenda has had the privilege of knowing Moses Ushindi Katana for nearly a decade. Over the last eight years, Moses has grown into a kind, sociable young man who aspires to become a police officer like his father. Moses has sickle cell anemia, a blood disorder which can cause severe pain, swelling of the limbs, vision problems and vulnerability to infection. This condition also requires medications which are quite expensive.

Although they work hard to provide for his needs, Moses’s parents cannot afford all of the things he needs to be well-equipped for a healthy life and a hopeful future. His mother, Constance, runs a small business selling fish and his father, Travelian, is a policeman. Their meager wages cannot pay for Moses’s school fees or his sickle cell anemia medication. Kupenda has ensured that Moses’s family receives financial assistance as well as counseling about how to properly care of their child.

In addition to his sickle cell anemia, Moses also lacks the ability to hear and speak. Despite these challenges, he continues to work hard in school. Moses attends Pwani Secondary School for the Deaf, where he is able to learn from teachers who know sign language and receive assistance from staff to manage his medications. Unfortunately, this school is nearly 25 miles from Moses’s home – quite a challenging daily trek.

But thanks to Moses’ generous child sponsor, Kupenda has been able to help pay for Moses’ costly transportation and schooling fees. Moses’ teachers report that he is doing well in school. He performs particularly well in his favorite subject, history, and excels in his Kenyan sign language lessons as well.

Moses has lots of friends, both at home and at school. He is a friendly boy who is kind and helpful to those around him. He also enjoys participating in athletics and music. He was in the drama club at his previous school and competes on both the football and volleyball teams at his current school.

Moses was injured while playing football last year. He suffered a severe hip joint dislocation which left him relying on crutches to perform his daily tasks. Fortunately, Kupenda is equipped to respond to these sorts of unexpected needs and helped Moses access surgery that restored his mobility.

Kupenda would not be able to provide for children like Moses without the contributions of supporters like you. Particularly during this season of thanksgiving, we are grateful for your continued generosity and support.


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