One Sponsored Child Impacts Many More

by Kupenda

Six Kenyan boys hugging and smiling at the camera.

One of our first sponsored children is now a beautiful young woman making a giant difference in the lives of other children like her!  Zainabu is truly living up to her name….“beautiful.”

Zainabu is hard of hearing as the result of sickness when she was very young.  Her mother raised Zainabu and her 3 siblings on her own after her husband left them.  He has since passed away.  Her mother tried to meet her families’ needs by farming their small plot of land and doing odd jobs when she could find them.  In spite of her efforts the family often went without food.  Without her generous Kupenda sponsor, Zainabu would not have had the opportunity to even attend primary school.

Thanks to her sponsors, Zainabu was one of the few children with hearing issues in the area who attended high school. Less than 2% of children without disabilities in the area attend high school so simply attending was a giant accomplishment.  However, I’m excited to report that Zainabu has completed high school and is now employed as a teacher aid at the Marafa Special School! 

In addition to serving the school children, she is now able to help support her mother who struggled for so long.  She is working with the youngest children who are in the beginning stages of learning sign language.  As someone with hearing issues herself, she is not only able to teach effectively but also serves as a role model to these young children with hearing difficulties.  Her sponsors not only impacted Zainabu’s life but the lives of her family and all those Zainabu teaches!

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