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Disability Advocacy Resource Center

Kupenda's Advocacy Center is located in Gede, Klifi, Kenya. This center houses our staff offices as well as our Resource Library which includes disability texts, demographical data, and documentation of our program outcomes. Some of the other resources we've developed and share through our Library include our:   Disability Handbook Kenya Disability Law Guide Program…

Village Disability Awareness Days

Kupenda’s Disability Awareness Days are usually attended by hundreds of people, many of whom travel several hours to join the celebration. The day often starts with a parade led by people pushing children in wheelchairs while singing popular Swahili songs. Children from the special needs schools that Kupenda supports perform dances, songs, poetry and plays.…

Volunteer Days

Kupenda organizes days at special needs boarding schools where parents and members of the community can volunteer their time. Volunteers typically assist the house parents with facility tasks such as washing dishes and feeding children who need help. They also assist with special projects like painting walls and building walkways for wheelchairs.  These volunteer days…

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