Update on the Health Status of Our Kenyan Director

by Kupenda

As some of you may recall, in 2016, Kupenda’s co-founder and Kenya director, Leonard Mbonaniwas diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s follicular lymphoma. Although his early years of treatment were successful, he had a severe relapse in late 2021 that kept him out of work for several months. Kupenda’s founder and CEO, Cynthia Bauereven traveled to Kenya to see him at this time, as his medical team was uncertain he would recover. Both the U.S. and Kenyan Board of Directors also established a succession plan at this time, and our teams began cross training staff to take over Leonard’s duties if he remained unable to work.

Despite this unsettling time, Leonard did recover and has gradually been regaining his strength. In January, he was able to return to work and, earlier this month, he received scans that showed he had no evidence of disease.

Our staff, partners, and beneficiaries were thrilled to receive this news, and we know you are as well! Please enjoy this short video update from Leonard to learn more!

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One thought on “Update on the Health Status of Our Kenyan Director

Jon Andrews

This is awesome and amazing news! Leonard your work is a complete blessing; thank you for all that you do.


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