Praise from a Long-Time Foundation Friend and Supporter

by Rebecca Heidorn

Earlier this month, Kupenda hosted a house party where our supporters heard updates about Kupenda, learned about upcoming opportunities, and enjoyed a meal together! Sheila Leddy, a friend and representative from Imago Dei Fund, shared the following about why her foundation has supported Kupenda for the past 7 years:

“I have had the enormous privilege of actually seeing the work on the ground, visiting with the team in Kilifi with Leonard, and spending a day. We went to church, we watched families receive wheelchairs, and really had time to meet the team. What I loved, actually, was the next day, when the pastors were there and the government officials and the traditional faith healers, and they were all there talking about [what] Kupenda / Kuhenza has done for them and with them. It was just really powerful to see that kind of community piece.

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