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Celebrating Virginia’s support for Cindy and Shehe on International Women’s Day

by Kupenda

I love that International Women’s Day is the day after my birthday.  Grateful to the many women who support our work and the women who work hard to fight for the rights of their children with disabilities both here and abroad.   March is also Women’s History Month and ends with my 93-year-old grandmother’s birthday.…

Kupenda Expands to Sierra Leone!

by Cynthia Bauer, Kupenda Founder and Executive Director

Kupenda has a global vision to benefit the millions of people with disabilities in low-income countries through the provision of resources and training to organizations already involved with local people. The hope is that they can replicate our work and proactively ensure that children with disabilities have access to community, education, and medical services. One…

Community Leaders as Advocates and Design Partners in Disability Inclusion

by Kupenda

Twenty years ago an American graduate student traveled to Kenya to study wildlife biology but returned home with much more than her field notes. Over the next few years, Cynthia Bauer’s exposure to disability injustices in Kenya and her own experiences living with a disability would propel her to found Kupenda for the Children alongside…

Happy Birthday, Cynthia: A Few Words from Our Sponsors

by Kupenda

Today, while Kupenda’s founder and Executive Director, Cynthia Bauer, celebrated her birthday, the Kupenda community celebrated her life and thousands of other lives she’s saved through her work.  “Cindy is hands down one of the best leaders I have ever met – strategic, visionary, practical, empowering, persevering, passionate, humble, inspiring. Tho’ I am older than…

Kupenda Loves these Moms!

by Kupenda

Yesterday Kupenda’s founder, Cynthia Bauer, presented about the organization’s disability advocacy work to 45 women at two Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) groups. At the end of the second presentation, the groups’ leader, Jana Hemmerly-Brown, reflected on the day saying: “This is so amazing… I was just sitting here remembering that the MOPs themes for 2018 are …

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