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Leonard Coming to America!

by Kupenda

Dear friends, It is really happening!  Our Kenya director, Leonard Mbonani, is coming to the U.S. for the first time!  He will be accompanied by our Kenyan vice-chairman, Norbert Deche, whose children graciously purchased his plane ticket.  Visas and plane tickets are in their hands and they will be stepping on U.S. soil on Thursday,…

Updates from Kenya, 2014

by Kupenda

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your continued support in a variety of ways.  You may have heard about some of the difficulties going on in Kenya.  In light of these things, I would like to ask for your prayers, support, and encouragement in the following areas: Safety: Since the terrorist attack at the…

January 2014 Kenya Trip!

by Kupenda

Hi, friends. As I watch the snowfall out my window…again…I can’t help but long for the warmth and beauty of the Kenyan coast. Strange that Kupenda board member, Carissa Mortenson, and I were just there a couple of weeks ago complaining about the heat! Most of you know, Carissa and I were in Kenya from…

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